AIM Productions

The amount of work we did for Belgian software company AIM Productions over the years is too vast and varied to mention here in a lot of detail. kStyle was responsible for the corporate identity, website, printed matter, online ads, user interfaces (for AIM as well as for third party clients), the occasional web video, etc.


A responsive and multilingual WordPress website with a custom design. The website conveyed the no-nonsense, yet slightly playful attitude of the company.

The AIM site was later taken over by Motus and can still be found here, with exactly the same design by kStyle.

Flyers (web/print)

AIM booklet
A downloadable PDF, containing largely the same information as the AIM website and following the same design guidelines.

7 Reasons booklet
An informative booklet, targeted at potential clients, interested in mobile apps.

An older flyer
From the distant past, but still nice. 🙂

Social media ads

A few LinkedIn ads for a recent lead generation campaign.

Business cards

With the new logo (front and back) and with the old logo (right).
The new cards were printed using a UV gloss coating.

User Interfaces

kStyle designed a variety of user interfaces throughout the years, for AIM as well as third party clients (see also Tacx). Depending on the complexity of the projects, a wire frame or prototype was done first and after that a styling mockup. kStyle also did the practical implementation (XAML) of the GUI for some of the Tacx projects.


An example of a small promo video made for AIM’s YouTube channel.